Content Design is the interpretation and conceptualization of ideas across multiple media platforms; stage, screen, audio, social and events. At SMATmedia we believe that the design is key to a project’s success, it is the blue print, the foundation on which all other design and technical components will be bolted on.

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    “Story is KING”. Everything begins with a story; “it is the currency of life”. We take your story idea, re-visualize and transform them into production-ready content for stage, TV, Film and Radio. From Theatricals pieces to screenplays, SMATmedia has a creative team in place to deliver to specification.

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    As a production company, Filmmaking is at the heart of what we do very well. From short film to features, no task is too small or too big for us.  The designing and production of everyday commercial TV content is about understanding the audience. Who are they? It is also about defining the different parameters and realities that constitutes the world within which our viewers exist.

    From Drama series, sitcoms, Talk shows, Game shows, Reality TV, Documentaries, magazine/life style shows to television movies, SMATmedia delivers tailor-made content that meets the desire of the viewing audience at the same time, creating viable platform for brand identity.

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    “I go Blow”

    Smatfirst Series: Honey, 2Canplay, Reciprocity



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    Designing and producing content for RADIO comes natural to us. From Radio Drama series, Radio spots, jingles and audio books. Radio being the most accessible content out there means it has a massive potential to reach an incredible amount of people instantly. We currently have a bouquet of Radio content design to “Edutain” the public on diverse social issues.

    We are also able to design and create message as well as brand specific radio content guaranteed to educate, entertain and bring massive attention to products and services.

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    Theatre without doubt is gave birth to other media and entertainment genre and is still a viable platform to inform as well as entertain. With over two decades of theatrical experience, SMATmedia’s versatility in all areas of Stage Craft is what makes us the ‘go-to-guys’. From the Pit Theater in Obafemi Awolowo University, the streets of Urban Nigeria, he Prestigious MUSON Centre in Lagos, to the grand ballroom of EKO Hotel, we have produced Theatrical masterpieces and will continue to do so for a long time.

    Designing and production of events of any kind is essentially about pin-point accuracy; bringing together personnel and equipment needed to achieve clients expectations depends largely on complete understanding of who the client is, what the brand focus is, who the target audience are and desired results. This will inevitably translate to aesthetic balance; this is what we do very well.

    SMATmedia has over the past 10 years put together major concerts and commercial events for our many clients, designing tailor made content, and providing technical support (set design and production, lights, P.A systems, Backline etc.). Events design and delivery is very much within our competence; from decoding the brief, designing the look and feel of the stage, complementary ambience, and logistics, to interior decorations, security and VIP pick up.

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    Sound design for TV and FILM is a specialized service and sadly so, not a very popular one. It is at the very heart of content design, and it is what set a project apart. It is the difference between mediocre and excellence. At SMATmedia, we provide sound design services for TV and FILM.

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    We periodically organize hands-one-training via workshops, seminars and tutorials for young professional, making available, the very latest in relevant industry skills. This we do in collaboration with established professional in the different areas of TV and Film Production. We at SMATmedia believe that for any industry to remain relevant to its commercial market, personnel training and re-training has to be consistently in sync with changing trends, formats and overall finish. SMATmedia through workshops and seminars (text and visual tutorials) provide the platforms for such skill acquisition.

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    Here at SMATmedia we believe that the entertainment industry is one that is intensely dynamic and thus relevance depends chiefly on how well we adapt to evolving trends, equipment upgrade, and requisite skill. To this end, we can also work with you at an advisory level, ensuring your projects meet desired standards and expectations.

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    In preparing for any kind of production Project, accessing the right equipment is directly tied to the standard and overall quality of the finished work. We not only ensure you get the right kind of rig, but also provide qualifies personnel to deploy them appropriately. From movie locations, gear, accessories, transport solutions, accommodation, on-location welfare, to post-production, just talk to us.

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