SMATmedia™ is a Media content design and production Company. With competence in; STAGE, TV, FILM and RADIO Content design and Production. Services includes but not limited to SCRIPT development solutions: Story design, storytelling and consulting for Theater, Television and film.

    With Decades of ‘Hands-on’ experience in the creative and entertainment space, SMATmedia has a team of young, innovative and immensely talented individuals with the requisite skillset to deliver quality, with requite production values. Our dedication to every phase of the design and production process sees us leaving nothing to chance; nothing is assumed and nothing is compromised. The job isn’t DONE until our clients are happy.

    Our response to infrastructural challenging realities in the creative environment is to simply re-negotiate our approach by constantly seeking alternative but creative solutions that will best serve the overall interest of projects/productions. In the end, our ultimate reward is the smile on the faces of our clients and the privilege of being a part of that experience.
    Welcome to SMATmedia Productions Intl Ltd…our matter dey make plenty sense

  • Our Skills

    Media Content Design




Our Core Values

    • Value Teamwork

      TV and Film is a creative collaborative process. Different skilled professionals come together, feed off the other’s strength to birth content. Beyond the internal collaborative workspace needed to take a project from option to finish, there is also the need to work with other production companies with competence in various other fields of competence. It is such inter-industry connect that enables us deliver at the highest levels possible.

    • Lead by Example

      Embracing change at every level; Research, updating, upgrading, re-designing, re-defining and feedback are all required to stay ahead in the creative space. This, for us, is key.

    • Focus on the Future

      No content is created independent of the market/audience demand. It has to always be about the end viewer/consumer. To consistently meet this viewing demand, we have to not only listen, but to also learn from ‘the people’ for whom you create. Understanding the viewing prefrences of the end consumer puts us in a strategic position to best advise our client about what works and what will NOT.

    • Be Respectful

      Every person, every client, every single professional is a door to untapped opportunities. In SMATmedia, everyone has a role to play and none is less than the other. The audience, for whom we exists must be RESPECTED. How? By paying attention to details! We refuse to put any content, in any form in front of our audience unless we are 100% certain that it will entertain, educate or both.

    • Challenge the Status Quo

      Simply put, there is no box to think outside of; this business is about identifying creative experinces that resonate with social realities. Content, in context means we achieve the results we want.

    • Strive for Excellence

      We are committed to taking up all and every challenge with the highest levels of commitment that serves (your)our clients best interest. We are in this together; from start to finish, we will go over and beyond the terms of engagement, this is the SMATmedia way.

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