• Projects

    Alero’s Call Centre (RADIO AND TV)


    CALL CENTRE is a daily five minutes drama serial set in Lagos and is centered on a young woman ALERO and her GSM call Centre business. It is a story of struggle and the virtue of making an honest living through hard work while dreaming and planning for a comfortable tomorrow.

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  • Services

    Content Design is the interpretation and conceptualization of ideas across multiple media platforms; stage, screen, audio, social and events. At SMATmedia we believe that the design is key to a project’s success, it is the blue print, the foundation on which all other design and technical components will be bolted on.

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  • SmatFirst Series

    The SMATfirst series is a collaboration initiative designed to give young filmmakers a voice via short form contents. It is a SMATMEDIA initiative and will involve working with a selection of young filmmakers who have stories to tell and fund them

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  • About Smat Media

    SMATmedia™ is a Media content design and production Company with competence in; STAGE, TV, FILM and RADIO Content design and Production. Services includes but not limited to SCRIPT development solutions: Story design, storytelling and consulting for Theater, Television and film.

    With Decades of ‘Hands-on’ experience in the creative and entertainment space, SMATmedia has a team of young, innovative and immensely talented individuals with the requisite skillset to deliver quality, with requite production values. Our dedication to every phase of the design and production process sees us leaving nothing to chance; nothing is assumed and nothing is compromised. The job isn’t DONE until our clients are happy.

    Our response to infrastructural challenging realities in the creative environment is to simply re-negotiate our approach by constantly seeking alternative but creative solutions that will best serve the overall interest of projects/productions. In the end, our ultimate reward is the smile on the faces of our clients and the privilege of being a part of that experience.

    Welcome to SMATmedia Productions Intl Ltd…our matter dey make plenty sense

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